'Getting to the heart, of the U.F.O. questions, I recognised, that there is a certain strangeness... sometimes a high strangeness... in experiencer accounts, and thereby, began to understand, that these aren't typically human, or what we think of as earthly, energy exchanges, and effects.

'The following pages illustrate, what I feel is a unique relationship, shared within pop culture, and those reporting U.F.O. experiences... and showing similarities, and congruencies, amongst creative peoples' artistic processes, (the transience, and temporality, of pop cultural media,) and U.F.O. experiencer accounts, I have read.
'This book also posits similarities found between Eastern and Western mystical experiences, and written accounts, and references also, the words of the late John Mack M.D., on how shamanic peoples, seem to share unique appreciation, and have modes for understanding, and integrating, anamalous experiences, and portrayals, and elaborates upon some of the ideas, around the ETH, as I have understood it to be.

'So, in light of the tendency to 'sell ourselves short,' we might see E.T. experiences, as being a 'clarion call' to individual self-responsibility, and resourcefulness. We might, ourselves 'be the change, we wish to see in the world...' Isn't it a shame, that there are those, which let themselves, be deigned, or defined, by the adversity, in their lives...' an indistinct, empathic overload... of information, from distant parts of the globe... instead, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And we shouldn't encourage, doing otherwise.'

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