It is designed to fit any SLR camera body, full-bodied pro camera, camera with battery grip, or regular size camera using a standard tripod hole. A touch fastener locking strap quickly and securely adjusts to fit hands of all sizes. There is a large pad that hugs the hand providing a rock solid grip on the camera. it provides a secure, one hand grip to your SLR camera, stabilizing your shot and alleviating fatigue during extended photo shoots. It attaches via the tripod mount. You may still use a tripod with the strap attached
  • Attaches via the tripod socket (dual-thread still allows use of a tripod)
  • Fits most Digital SLR camera(all makes), secure mounting design firmly mounts onto your camera base
  • one size fits all, adjustable strap and micro-fiber padding ensures a solid and comfortable grip
  • cushioned camera grips fits around your hand and stabilizes your cameras while shooting
  • designed to fit any hand size, camera grip allows the photographer to control the camera with greater ease and accuracy

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