When Emma Crawford entered the corporate world, she never dreamed she would be blackmailed into committing corporate espionage. But her boss - technology tycoon Alexander Portman - has made it clear she has no other option than to do what he wants. But when Emma starts working as a personal assistant to James Bourque, the man whose company she's supposed to spy on, she can't help but find herself falling for him, hard.

Torn between doing what's best for her career, and what's best for her heart, Emma has to make a choice. Will she betray one of the most powerful men in the tech industry for a chance at redemption, to make things right with James, or will she sacrifice a chance at finding true love for her career and passion, as she's done so many times in the past?

This 15,000 word novella is the first part of the Betraying the Billionaire series.

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