Follow this band of roaming travelers through an ancient world of wonder. Join them as they meet people of various lands with a variety of strange ways, morals and traditions, explore new territory and survive extreme weather changes. An historical romance filled with action, adventure, love, death and drama as you have never read before.
Cybeerians were hunters of the mountains and plains, fishers of the streams and lakes, harvesting the earth’s rich bounty.
For countless generations we lived in harmony with the spirits of the earth and sky and all living things.
Life was hard, but rich and full, even though hunger and death often stalked the land when life is ruled by the old blood code.
The cycle of life was tour guide through the sacred seasons. We lived in scattered bands dependent on the movements of the meat animals, gathering together in the summer to fish the River Ra and celebrate each other’s company.
As Keeper of the Chronicles, I was schooled since earliest childhood to read and remember word for word the sacred writings of our fathers as they recorded the history of our people. I now undertake this task with the aid of the Guiding Spirit who directs my mind and hand to be one with my fathers, to write as they wrote and to think as they thought. And, so, it all began in this wise:
It was during the time of the summer encampment that ‘he’ came. Walking from the east, from the land of the rising sun. Spotted from afar, our camp sentinels watched as he approached. He carried naught but his weapons and his sleeping skins. He was a tall man, strangely attired, who stopped outside our camp and waited to be permitted entry.

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