StiloGuard® For You, because we care. We've all been there, at a formal event or out and about in our confidence boosting, beautiful stilettos and high-heeled shoes.
You, your staff, and/or your guests suffer the inconvenience of having to remove them to walk on grass or other soft surfaces or risk injury and damage to our shoes to remain fashionable. With these heel guards that annoyance is now a thing of the past.
StiloGuard® heel caps are a patent-pending heel protectors for your stilettos and high-heeled shoes to protect you from sinking and tripping on soft surfaces.
Our heel protectors are designed specifically for ease of use, without using your hands and bending to wear and remove them.
StiloGuard® heel protectors make walking on surfaces such as grass, dirt, cobblestone, and gravel possible in high-heeled shoes and stiletto heels possible; while greatly reducing the risk of tripping and damaging your shoes. Just simply step in them and go! You no longer have to make compromises in fashion and venue!
Our heel savers also reduce the risk of incidents that can happen due to bare feet, such as stepping on glass or stubbing a toe.
Combined with a reasonable price, especially when purchased wholesale, StiloGuard® Heel Protectors for Women are an essential accessory at any formal event, allowing your guests and staff to walk in confidence, no matter the surface, while remaining protected and safe. Whether for a formal party, wedding, funeral, or other function, you can always be prepared.
Our heel protectors are discreetly designed to be almost invisible and worn with nearly any kind of stiletto or high-heeled shoe. We also stand behind our product and we donate 10% of all profits to charity. It's our way of saying thank you for trusting us with your event needs.
  • Heel guards prevent stilettos and high-heels from sinking into ground.
  • Ideal for horse races, polo matches, outdoor weddings, funerals, and other outdoor events.
  • Extremely durable and accommodates different stiletto sizes.
  • Discreet heel cap does not alter the aesthetic qualities of the shoe.
  • Made completely from 100% recyclable plastic.

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