A New Gay Werewolf Romance Series That'll Set You On Fire! (Part 3 of The Series)

Julius has been avoiding Parker ever since they spent the night together, going as far as to take a trip to a tropical island just to get away. Parker is hurt and confused, but he lets it slide because he still wants to work in Goldstein Warner. But tensions rise to the surface, and one drunken night, Parker finally finds out why Julius has been ignoring him...

Estimated Length: 3,600 words

Warning: Contains gay sex between a man and a wolf shapeshifter. Adults only.


"Why haven't you spoken to me?" he said.

"About what?" Julius asked, smelling the alcohol in Parker's breath. He wondered how much Parker had to drink.

"About what happened that night. About what happened between us." Parker's tone was accusing, his voice dripping with hurt.

"There's nothing very much to talk about," Julius said, dismissively. Parker's temper flared and he lunged over the desk to grab Julius by the collar.

"On the contrary, I actually think we have loads to talk about," he muttered. With one swift motion, Julius broke free from his grip. Parker couldn't hold onto him, partially because he was drunk and partially because of Julius's quick reflexes.

"That was fast. That come from what they teach you in werewolf training school?" he slurred. Coming round the table to where Julius was sitting, Parker blocked him off before Julius could get up.

"C'mon, Julius. You know you've been avoiding me. I just want to know why." The smell of whisky lingered in the air and Julius couldn't ignore the bulge that had formed in front of Parker's pants. He couldn't stifle a similar stirring in his loins, and it was plain that Parker had noticed it as well.

Julius tried getting up from his chair but as soon as he did, he was greeted by the rush of Parker leaning in to kiss him. Desire welled up inside Julius and he swallowed a lump in his throat when he saw how badly Parker wanted him. "No," he said, pushing Parker away, "I'm sorry but I can't do this."

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