Deileese, known to her friends and family as DD, is well known on the city’s streets.
Having had a father who was a well-established business man and kingpin, DD’s reputation speaks for itself.
After her father is incarcerated for multiple drug charges, she finds herself needing extra income to maintain her expensive taste. Having all the right connections, she builds a street team and takes over the drug trade in cities near and far.
When DD meets Quentin, its love at first sight;not only does he have the looks, but he’s just the type of man she needs on her team.
When things seem to be going too good, you can always expect a snake to be nearby.
The team is supplying the streets and stackin’ paper like never before.
When DD and Quentin decide to settle down, things go terribly wrong. They soon learn that not everyone in the circle can be trusted.
What happens when a strong chain has a weak link? Will DD and her team all go down or will they find the culprit behind the major bust?
Action packed ‘til the end, Shoebox Money will keep you turning the pages!

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