Tired of searching a unique case for your HTC One X? Here you can find it !!
This phone case with high quality, Maded from 100% Plastic , extremely durable, it is thin, lightweight, superior material ,protect your HTC One x from dust and scratches. Unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without having to remove the case. The case with portable and stylish design is easy to carry in your pocket or purse.
it is used 3D technology,3D htc one x case is our advanced product manufactured using the latest technology,The Vacuumsub 3D printing machine.
Simply snap on the cell phone. Your cell phone will have a brand new look.
Specially molded to fit your Phone perfectly.
Or design your case with photos, such as pictures of your kids, or stylize your HTC Phone Case with graphics and color your phone whichever way you want to make it uniquely yours.Your image will be printed nicely on the surface and on the side of your phone. You would probably never expecting such a perfect and vividly image could be printed on your htc one x case with this technology.
We could easily help you protecting your valuable 3d image using Polymer materials through three dimensional printing technology and a special formula.This protector provides brilliant color and wear-resistant of great heights than no ordinary protectors could compete.
Please kindly upload a whole piece of art( left bottom right) when making a design. Please do not separate into three parts. Thanks!
Front(Center) : 900 x 1800 or Higher.
  • Material :Made from 100% Plastic , Lightweight and ultra-durable
  • 100% brand new And No Front case.
  • Protect from scratches and dirt and reduce damage from accidental drops
  • Provides protection against small scratches and dings from day-to-day wear and tear
  • Good return policy and good service attitude!

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