Tank Capacity: 1 pint
Tank material: stainless steel
Frequency: 46,000 Hz
Timer: A-digital: 180,300,480,600,090 seconds
Grey color
Mains voltage: 220-240V ~50Hz
Power rating: 50W
Accessories included:
1 Ultrasonic Cleaner
1 basket inset
1 bracelet holder
1 spindle with spacer ring
1 set of operating instructions
Product Description:
Ultrasonic cleaner
This ultrasonic cleaner will work really well for a wide range of products including jewelry, eyeglasses, CDs/DVDs and denta tools, shaving heads and more.
How to use:
1. remove all packing material
2. remove the protective foil form the display
3. check to ensure that all accessories and the device are undamaged.
4. place the device on a stable , flat surface.
  • 1.This powerful 46,000 Hz ultrasonic frequency wave provides an efficient cleaning solution without adding chemical detergent. The extra safety will be guaranteed by enclosed and water proof container design.
  • 2.This cleaner provides a stainless steel tank with a 1 pint (600ml) liquid capacity to accommodate a wide range of item such as jewelry, eyeglasses and dental items.
  • 3.This cleaner provides 5 preset digital cleaning cycles (180,300,480,600,090 seconds) for easy and precise cleaning time control.
  • 4.This digital timer display will show you cleaning progress under any circumstance even at night time environment.

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