Do you ever wonder who you really are?
Have you ever asked yourself if you are capable of anything worthwhile?
Have you settled for the least because you think you are not worth the best?
This book focuses on helping you discover the treasures, gifting and abilities within you that are waiting to be uncovered and helping you move to a new level in your life.
Becoming an empowered woman involves discovering who you are and stepping out with faith in God to guide you through the authentic performance you are capable of.
Now is the time for women to step out of the shadows of life and into the spotlight, to move beyond life’s drama to the place where you can fulfill God’s purpose for your lives.

Blessing Ude is a family life educator, a pharmaceutical quality assurance specialist and a certified marriage counselor. She has two masters degrees, in religious studies and family life education. She and her husband, Dr. Godwin Ude, lead Transformation Ministries Worldwide in Canada where they reside with their three children, Paul, Sarah and David.

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