1/2-28 NEF (National Extra Fine) Taps are made of premium quality high speed steel in the USA. This thread size is commonly used for mounting a variety of firearms accessories. The plug style tap is for through holes, tapping through the workpiece or into a hole with clearance behind it. The plug style can also be used as a starter tap to be followed with the bottoming tap. The bottoming tap is designed to create a thread to the bottom of the hole. High quality precision ground threads. Manufactured to Table 302/303 standards.
  • 1Ea 1/2-28 Bottom
  • These 1/2"-28 taps are 4 flute made in USA of premium high speed steel
  • Plug style chamfer that starts threads gradually is for tapping through the hole or as a starter tap
  • The bottom tap is designed to create threads to the bottom of the hole
  • H3 thread limits for a standard 2B fit

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