The beauty of the rare gem Moissanite is like nothing else on earth, in fact, it was born of a star. Fifty thousand years ago, a meteorite crashed into the Arizona desert, scattering fragments for many miles. Hidden in them was a brilliant secret waiting to be discovered: a new mineral whose brilliance, radiance and luster surpassed that of Diamond itself. This mineral was called Moissanite, named for Nobel Prize-winning scientist Henri Moissan, who studied the meteor's fragments in the 19th century. Naturally occurring quantities of Moissanite are so small, however, that gem-size crystals did not exist, that is until 1998, when Charles & Colvard introduced laboratory-grown crystals of this otherworldly jewel to the international market. Charles & Colvard (TM) Created Moissanite boasts fire, brilliance and luster beyond all jewels. Its superb hardness and unmatched beauty are now, for the first time, available on earth.

Optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated. It illuminates and enhances. Gold represents perfection in all things. This is 'earth friendly' as it is made with the Refined Karats system certified by Scientific Certification Systems' (SCS) strict environmental, social, and supply requirements. Proudly made in America with a green process of ethically, environmentally and socially responsible production processes of water, waste and energy management; the gold is from 100 percent recycled Karats.

The rising price of gold makes this, quite simply, a great investment all around.

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Especially Made for You, Crafted in Approx. Four Business Days
  • Moissanite is Featured in a Belcher Setting of Polished 14k Yellow Gold
  • Band Measures 10.5 Millimeters or .41 Inches Wide
  • Colvard (TM) Moissanites
  • The Gold Used to Craft this is Earth Friendly; Made with Refined Karats System Certified by Scientific Certification Systems
  • Made to Order Especially for You in Approx. Eight Business Days; Certificate of Authenticity Included; Proudly Made in the United States

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