In a setting thick with abuse, torment and incipient hope, Eileen is torn between the need to find love and affection and keeping herself safe from the agony of her husband. As she rediscovers herself, she finds friendship and love that molds her into a stronger woman, leaving her past behind.

, Eileen is a young adult eager for adventure rather than conformity. Her life changes when she is forced to marry the mayor, what she calls a political transaction, in order to save the family business. Torture and despair fills her life until a black woman, rich with compassion and love, moves in next door. They build a forbidden friendship full of kindness and support. Through a series of events, Eileen finds true love that seems doomed because of her marriage. Though she vows to keep faithful, the overwhelming attraction between the two is apparent. Their sensual desires are explored leading to emotional and life changing chaos.

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