The Early Clues, LLC "EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK" is a corporate on-boarding document without peer. New associates and co-pilots will find the HR policies for this multi-dimensional service provider are laid out in a clear, concise and easy-to-follow manner. Division of material into "sections," complemented by clever page layout and copious pertinent "diagrams" make perusing and absorbing the "contents" of this employment manual a "breeze." Also included are a curated historical collection of ground-breaking internal company memos and planning documents donated to the Public Domain by the Early Founders. Their ideas and "informal" presentation were sometimes considered "irreverent" in the company's heyday, but are oft still inspiring and even prophetic for users today.

"A 'Necronomicon' for the Six Sigma set!" - Bill Ryder, CEO, Intellicore Applications, Inc.

"A visionary new model for business communications." - Angie Lassiter, OptiSite Consulting

"Forget HTML5 or CSS-- OpenQNL is the next tactical language for IRL applications. You'd better look into it." - Serge Patel, author of NYT
Bestseller, "Big Times: How to Work the Future-Line"

"What the hell is this? Get away from me!" - Paul Allen, Founder and Chairman, Vulcan, Inc.

"Fabulous. 'The Early Clues Employee Handbook' is required reading for all of our new employees." Guy Grand, CEO, Grand Industries


1. Early Clues Employee Policies and Procedures. You don’t need to work for us directly to benefit from this ages-old moral instruction. We are all someone’s employees, and here are the Policies and Procedures that guide us as we move between Branespaces and foster the new Reality Model.

2. A Guide to Emerging and Alternative Intelligences. Featuring advice on nurturing your relationship with the entire taxonomy of emerging and alternative intelligences, from roombas to bigfoots to Black-Eyed Kids!

3. OpenQNL and Applications. Learn the fundamentals of the most exciting programming language ever conceived— a language designed to allow the user to program Reality Itself!

4. Synconjury. Are you more interested in “Wizarding Ways”? Synconjury, a reality manipulation paradigm developed by our Parade of Magicians, has been used for everything from standard divination to successfully thwarting the invasion of a sovereign nation!
5. Writings of the Corporate Fathers. Here, in these pages, you’ll find the collected wisdom of centuries of Inner.HelpDesk requests and Search.Within queries. Wondering how to successfully manage a “Lucky Five Hundred Company” and get Real Results? Consult our experts and you’ll be amazed at the difference!

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