Brooke Caldwell is no stranger to Egypt’s mythology. Her Egyptologist father raised her on bedtime stories from the Book of the Dead. But the discovery of a 5th dynasty corpse that could pass for her twin leads to perils she never imagined.

Thrust into Egypt’s underworld by a mysterious stone amulet, Brooke is hailed as the Duat’s lost queen. She just wants to go home, but the Duat's immortal rulers have sinister plans for their Isis look-alike.

The annoying yet intriguingly attractive Osiris has information that can help her. Unfortunately, he's a foggy dream from Isis's borrowed memories. A handful of the underworld’s lowliest citizens have bravely befriended her, but those who offer Brooke help seem to inevitably end up dead.

Even if she does manage to return home, a primordial evil has escaped its prison and the powers of Chaos are poised to destroy all creation. As much as she hates it, there seems to be no other choice. Brooke will have to become Isis to save the people she loves.

Two novels--THE ISIS STONE and THE DOMINION SCEPTER-- together in one edition.

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