Made of high-quality material.
waterproof & Shockproof & Dustproof
Fashion design, easy to put on and easy to take off.
Protect your phone from dust, scratching and shock.
Tempered glass protecting the fragile screen with anti-fouling and anti-glare function.
Why Choose this item:

1. Shockproof: with this case, you are no worry that your kids will drop your note 3.
2. Dirproof: Super dirproof function, keep your note 3 new look.
3. Waterproof: you can use your phone when it's rainy day or go to the seaside. even drop a cup of water/coffee/milk on the phone, don't worry it will destroy your phone. But do not suggest you drop it into the water or bath , it's also not for diving.
4. Aluminum Gorilla Metal Case, make your phone to be a fashion item and even it crash to some hard thing such as a desk or rock.
How to use it:

1. Twist the 6 screws with a included screw tool.
2. Put your phone in it and check if the case seal well
3. Screw and seal the case

The silica gel seal packing and gasket, let the phone has a good waterproof function, although does not support depth diving such as being used for swimming or being soaked in the water, but meet the rainy day or go to the seaside completely not afraid of water. General sand, dust can't get into it !

  • With this Aluminum Gorilla Metal Case, you can may your galaxy Note 3 was protected well.
  • It's a Waterproof , shockproof , dirtproof case and fashion luxury design. You should have one
  • Weight of the case only: 7.0oz;Color:Yellow
  • What is included: Aluminum Gorilla Metal Case for note III x 1:Strip x 1: Screws x 8:Duster cloth x 1;Screwer x 2

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