We have made the Past into a Present! On the cover we have listed major events of the year 1996. On th inside of the box there is a newspaper image with highlights of the Best TV shows, Best Movies, Top Songs,Memories of 1996 and Favorite Baby Names. Our 1996 Candy Gift is a hand-picked collection of sweet memories with the nostalgic candies you remember from your childhood. Once you receive this delicious gift it'll be hard to stop talking about it. This candy gift is a perfect and unique birthday gift or anniversary gift, and is a great alternative to gift baskets. Includes a complimentary "1996 Newspaper" insert with many snippets that are sure to bring smiles and evoke memories of years past. The 1996 candy gift includes: Cracker Jacks, Ring Pop, Candy Cigarettes, Chiclets Tiny Size Gum, Gummy Bears, Lik-m-Aid Fun Dip, Dots, Pop Rocks , Ring Pop, Smarties, Smarties Candy Necklace, Hershey Bar, Nerds . About Sweet Dreams is the online destination for old fashioned candy and nostalgic candies and unique food gifts. We carry a large assortment of retro candy from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's. Thousands of our customers have enjoyed our hand-picked candy gift baskets filled with hard-to-find retro candies you can't find anywhere else. It doesn't matter if you are a Baby Boomer, or from Generation X, Y, or Z, our nostalgic gifts prove that some things really were better when you were a kid. Box size approx. 10" by 10" x 2". Some items may be substituted when necessary. Weight is approximately 1 lb. The 1996 Candy Gift Includes: ⦁ Cracker Jacks ⦁ Hershey Bar ⦁ Sour Patch Kid ⦁ M&M'S ⦁ Candy Cigarettes ⦁ Chiclets Tiny Size Gum ⦁ Lik-n-Aid Fun Dip ⦁ Candy Necklace ⦁ Nerds ⦁ Pop Rocks ⦁ Ring Pop ⦁ Smarties
  • Candies from 1996
  • Newspaper insert on the inside Cover
  • Highlights from 1996
  • 18th Birthday Gift

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