She sighed, the sound long, and returned her head to his shoulder. He held her there, and for one moment chose to pretend it was all right. For one moment.

And then the truth returned. She was engaged to someone else, and he had no place in it except to deliver the flowers.

His heart shoved into his throat.


Benito Bottari fell in love the moment Arabella Howland walked in the door of his florist shop. However, her pending nuptials stand in the way.

It seems happiness is forbidden him again, and he must watch another woman leave with someone else.

Until a warning spoken by her best friend tells him all is not as it seems. Arabella's in grave danger, and it's up to him to stop it.

The beautiful tale of a man's deepest love for the right woman by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.

Books in this series:
Flight Risk (The Italian Series) Book 1
Italian With A Side Of Pasta (The Italian Series) Book 2
Something Italian (The Italian Series) Book 3
Say It With Flowers (The Italian Series) Book 4
Play It For Me (The Italian Series) Book 5

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