SocksInStride Diabetic Socks Comfort Care System Mini-Crew Socks are designed for people with Diabetes, Arthritis, and other foot problems. InStride Comfort Care System Mini-Crew Socks keep your feet dry and comfortable.MicroFiber Comfort, High Tech PerformanceSuperior wickingKeeps your feet dry and comfortableHelps prevent blistersColorfastSoft and luxuriousComposed of 60% MicroFiber, 32% Polyester/Silver Technology, 4% Nylon, 4% Lycra SpandexX-Static - The Silver AberThermodynamic - Regulates temperatureAnti-Odor - Ingibits growth of bacteria+fungi in the product thus, neutralizing odor-causing ammonia+denatured proteinsAnti-Static - Reduces electrostatic dischargeInStride Diabetic Socks made with pure silverAll natural + permanent

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