This Beautiful Passover Seder Plate is a special plate containing symbolic foods eaten or displayed at the Passover Seder.

The six traditional items are Z'roa(roasted chicken wing), Beitzah (hard-boiled egg) Maror (horseradish), Chazeret (bitter herbs), Charoset (sweet brown mixture), and Karpas (vegetable, other than bitter herbs).
Each of the six items arranged on the plate has special significance to the retelling of the story of the exodus from Egypt, which is the focus of this ritual meal. The seventh symbolic item used during the meal - a stack of three matzos - is placed on its own plate on the Seder table. Others place the Seder plate on top of the stack of matzos.

This Decorative Karah would truly make a statement for any Passover table!
  • This Seder Plate (Ke'ara) contains 6 small bowls, specifically designed for the 6 ceremonial foods integral to the Seder Table
  • Ke'ara stands on 3 decorative legs, and has exquisite brass leaf decorations
  • Enhance your Pesach Seder Table with this Majestic Seder Plate
  • What a Meaningful Passover Gift for Friends and Family Alike
  • Handcrafted by Professional artisans in the USA

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