Enjoy a blissfully quiet car ride on your next family road trip while the back passengers are entertained watching a movie on their own tablets with the Gomadic Brand Unique Vehicle Headrest Display Mount for the Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch. Carefully designed to safely hold your Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch with stable, non-marking, custom-sized adjustable grips, our headrest mount will properly display your device in a highly adjustable and professional looking manner. Why bother with expensive, dealer installed integrated headrest monitors when the same effect can be had in an on-demand fashion at a tiny fraction of the price?!? The Gomadic Brand Unique Vehicle Headrest Display Mount for the Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch sets up in seconds by securely latching specially designed connectors to the vehicle headrest support posts and require no special tools (only your God given opposable thumbs!). The mount has an integrated 360-degree swivel in order to be able to display the tablet screen in either landscape or portrait modes. Additionally, the viewing angle can also be precision adjusted to match the exact user requirements. Like all Gomadic products, our mounts are built to last and are covered by our lifetime warranty. So go ahead and drive a few extra miles on your next family vacation. When the passengers are all entertained, car trips have a lot of charm!
  • Specifically designed to accommodate devices with dimensions of 165.9 x 127.1 x 12.638 mm
  • Can be set up (and removed) in seconds. No special tools. Holds the Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch in a secure and stable manner even with vehicle vibration due to bumpy conditions.
  • Padded platform backing provides a secure, non-marking grip while absorbing vibration to provide excellent viewing experience
  • Mount gripping connectors can be adjusted for all sized and shaped headrest posts.
  • A quality product that is backed by the Gomadic lifetime warranty.

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