Don't get stuck staring at a blank page. Crack open this treasury of profound journaling prompts any time you need a meaningful and powerful topic.

You'll find 418 quick and creative prompts to help you get started right away. Even better, this book will teach you how to create a more powerful personal journal.

Done right, personal journal writing is a form of self-therapy as it helps you to ease worry and obsession, expand your creative self, increase your confidence and energy levels, and identify your deepest hopes, fears and subconscious thought patterns.

In her thirty-years of journaling, as well as in her professional writing career, author Katie May Kennedy has discovered three secrets for producing more meaningful, heartfelt, insight-inducing journaling pages. In 418 Journaling Prompts, she shares these secrets, as well as her collection of the most profound journaling prompts that she has personally used to point her life in the right direction.

* Includes special chapters on Self-Discovery & Personal Growth Prompts, Memory Prompts, Prompts to Help Your Relationships Grow, plus Month-by-Month Prompts for Seasonal Journaling and Scrapbook Journaling. *

Here are a few sample writing prompts, to give you a taste of what's in store...
  • Write about a time when you felt like the most charismatic person in the room. Who were you with? How did you stand, speak, and behave?
  • Ask yourself whom you would be if you'd made different decisions along your life path. Describe a few of these "alternate selves." Are you a novelist, a singer, a news anchor, a pilot? Delve deep into your imagination. What would your daily life be like? How would your life be different?
  • List as many things as you can that you find to be extremely fun. Now list as many things as you can that make you laugh. How often do you make time for these things?
  • What would your perfect life look like? If everything in your life were perfect, what would you be doing? With whom would you surround yourself? Where would you live and work? Describe this perfect life in as much detail as possible. How well does this ideal life match with your present life?
  • If you could plant a seed and grow anything in the world, what would you plant, and where would you plant it? (Feel free to think metaphorically here. Instead of pumpkins, maybe you'll plant seeds of consciousness, or seeds of change, or seeds of self-confidence in your children...)
  • Who was your first best friend? Write with as much detail as you can. Why did you hit it off so well? What happened to that relationship?
  • Describe your childhood home. It can be especially meaningful to look up your childhood address on Google Earth. Does seeing it again trigger any new memories? Write a letter to the child who once lived there.
And 411 more...

Click on the book cover to see inside, or download a free sample to get started!

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