This is the story of Kathy Thompson, a young Jewish-American woman in search of her own identity in a still male-dominated society, and of Xabier Elurmendi, a young man in the Basque Country who decides to join a seminary to become a priest one day after becoming involved in an automobile accident. Both meet in Arizona, USA, and join forces to fight corruption in high places. They go on to discover the true Buddhist origins of Christianity, to figure out the making of the Jesus "Frankenstein" in the New Testament, exposing the riches of the Vatican, and the sex and crime riddled lives of bishops and Popes in the Vatican's power-thursty hiearchy. Unknowinly, however, they also dicover an international plot to kill Pope Benedict XI and opt for gathering friends and foes to work out a plan to save the Pope. Meantime they must negotiate with unscrupulous and incompetent politicians in the European Union. Romance though is still alive and well. A novel-trilogy politically and religiously incorrect, but revealing and entertaining.

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