Italian powerhouse Reno Gabrini is happy with his life in Vegas. His beautiful African-American wife is his partner in the bedroom and in the boardroom, and is keeping him in line and all of his female groupies at bay. His newborn girl and young son are healthy and well-adjusted children, and his oldest son, Jimmy Mack, is fast becoming a man.

Maybe too fast.

Jimmy Mack Gabrini has always had a contentious relationship with his powerful father, and it has only grown more impassioned throughout the years. His dream is to make his father proud, but he keeps falling short. It doesn’t help that even his girl, Val Wellstone, finds his father sexy as hell too and can’t seem to stop singing his praises, and his father seems to return the affection.

But when enemies conspire to do Val harm and Reno wants to take the lead, Jimmy asserts himself in a way that Reno always knew was coming, but not this soon. It becomes so explosive that Tommy and Sal Gabrini are called in to lend a hand as lives are saved and lost, hearts are mended and broken, and old wounds are finally healed.

In the tenth installment of the popular Mob Boss series, Reno and Son live, love, laugh and fight to the death for the women they love, and the family they believe in.

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