Several years ago the author attended a conservative Bible college in Dallas Texas where drinking was strictly prohibited. At that same time he worked as a bartender with several other classmates at a place that was approved by the school. Even so, this caused a lot of problems with the students who had been raised to believe that drinking was inherently evil. Since he enrolled in Bible school to study the Bible, Michael decided that he should carefully research every Biblical mention of alcohol (over 250 times) throughout the scriptures. What does the Bible really say about drinking? Perhaps the better question is, why are there so many debates when the Bible offers clear instructions about alcohol? Jesus is my Bartender was written for anyone who has been wrongly condemned by church leaders, or church people who follow man-made rules more than Christ's law of love. It was also written for anyone who struggles with their faith or who has been kicked out (or kicked themselves out) of church.

Christ's first miracle was turning water into wine, this is the starting point that's used to help find common ground on this controversial issue. Jesus is my Bartender can help facilitate a more fruitful and sensible discussion within the church when it comes to issues of Christian liberty, personal liberties and how that relates to our God given responsibilities as followers of Christ.

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