This blue checkered cotton fabric wrap photography prop is perfect for those newborn baby photo shoots! These can also work well in a maternity or family portrait!

This super soft, thin, frayed fabric with light impression checkered design really adds to the unique character of this wrap!

These are comparable to cheesecloth but better! Here is why:

This product is incredibly soft, same large size, stain resistant, machine washable.This product has a faint checkered pattern and frayed edges which adds to its character. What does this product have that cheesecloth doesn't? Incredible softness (we can't express this enough), no piling, no snagging, even dying throughout, consistent colors that won't vary in each dye batch.

Measures 3 ft x 6 ft which makes it long enough to use in a maternity session.

Machine wash on gentle cycle, low heat dryer.

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  • Neptune Blue Cotton Checkered Baby Wrap. Great Photography Prop for Baby Girls. Custom Photo Props LLC Provides Photographers with High End, Original and Timeless Props without the Steep Boutique Price Tag. www.customphotoprops.com

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