This sh*t is bananas! Berlin-based designer Felix David designed these MacStix stickers to counter the uniformity of the MacBook, while keeping the glowing feature of the Apple. The stickers are produced at a local adhesive and foil specialist in Hamburg, Germany. The stickers are available for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (all sizes). It is placed over the glowing Apple logo, so the inner shape glows white. The sticker is made from high quality vinyl and removes without residue. It comes on transparent transfer film so it's easy to place on your MacBook. More styles available at http://macstix.com
  • Banana Macbook Decal Sticker for 13, 15, 17 inch
  • Minimalist, placed over glowing Apple logo
  • High quality vinyl, removes without residue
  • Handmade in Hamburg, Germany
  • Fits any size Macbook

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