#1 game for improving attention, memory and concentration skills!

Get your copy of the most challenging eBook game and play "Spot the Difference" on your kindle device NOW! 

Playing this game will help your kids to develop and enhance skills that crucial for their future success in the real world:
  • Attention - by practicing to spot the most little and subtle differences in the picture
  • Determination and Persistency - by finding all the differences in the image.
  • Visual memory - Contrary to printed books it is impossible to make notes on kindle device, therefore the kids would be driven to memorize the differences they have already found
And most important... This game is really FUN to play! :)

Ready for the challenge?
  • 16 colorful pictures with answers are waiting to you inside the book.
  • 10 differences on every picture
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • The book is correctly formatted to match Kindle devices of all types.

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