How To Live A Quiet Peaceful Life: Peace Is Not A Dream; It Is A Quest is a book dedicated to demonstrating that living a quiet peaceful life is within everyone’s grasp. The book embraces such subjects as How To Live Forever, How To Live in the Present Moment, capturing peace, peacemakers, peacekeepers, and peace is every step. Written by best-selling author Dr. Treat Preston and one of the nation’s leading behavioral scientists having undertaken over thirty two years of massive research into the human condition, Dr., Preston has written numerous books designed to advance his readers in their knowledge and ability on various self help programs. Here is the book’s TABLE OF CONTENTS:

Prologue – Laying a Proper Foundation
Introduction - The Peace of the God of Peace
Chapter 1 – Peace Through Sacrifice
Chapter 2 – Peace Through Knowledge
Chapter 3 – Peace Through Love
Chapter 4 – Peace Through YOU!
Chapter 5 – How To Achieve a Peaceful And Quiet Life
Chapter 6 – Summing It All Up
I Have a Special Gift for My Readers
Meet the Author

Yes, peace is not a dream; it is a quest and one you will find worthy of your interest and efforts to obtain. Allow Dr. Preston to rock your world as you discover that a joy filled life is the way to live your life. This book is a must read book for all ages.

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