Change the colour of the vehicle free of charge! Buy this image or send us one of your own! You could have your pet, family member, favorite place or anything else you wish on your very own individual Kindle Touch case! Our design team use both images and text and can add text to any of the designs in our large catalog. You can add your own text to any of our designs, our expert graphic designers will ensure that any text looks fantastic on your special Kindle Touch case. If you don't see the image you are looking for you can add your own instead! Quality sublimation print designed by our expert team, we do NOT use the sub standard inserted print or transfer methods which can wear off the Kindle Touch case. Bulk Discounts available, contact us for a quotation! After purchase send us an email right away and we will customise it just how you would like it all FREE!
  • Personalise your own Kindle Touch case!
  • Add your own name or custom message - FREE!
  • Black surround to fit your Black Kindle Touch
  • Have your favorite photo on your tablet!
  • Help protect your Kindle Touch from everyday knocks/scrapes

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