No time to work out?
Like to stay toned?
Exercise your way through a normal day!

Exercising during the day makes you feel fitter, be more alert and think more clearly, while relieving stress.
It also helps you sleep better, be more creative and feel sexier too!

Former Cirque du Soleil trapeze artists Karyne Steben and Sarah Steben share with you how to build exercising and stretching into your daily routine. Their secret to staying fit and toned, while juggling family, social and professional lives, is to exercise during the routine things they do every day. With over 50 Exercises and Stretches to choose from you'll see how easy it is to strengthen and tone your muscles, improve your balance and posture, and condition your body while going about your regular life.

It can be hard to find time to stay in shape with a busy life full of work, family and social commitments. However, many of your daily activities can be turned into opportunities to exercise. You can exercise pretty much anywhere...all day long.
When working out doesn't work out...Tone Up instead!

Learn exercises and stretches that improve your posture and enable you to workout while:

  • flying in bed

  • making breakfast

  • sitting in the car

  • or sitting at a desk

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