Grace Cooper, still reeling from her mother's death, ponders her single parent's final words-a plea for forgiveness. From unopened letters sent twenty years before, she discovers that her father is not dead, as she had been told, but instead owns a prosperous sugar plantation in Jamaica-and he doesn't even know she exists. Eager to find her father and begin a new life with him, Grace sails to Jamaica, leaving her family and her long-time suitor, Dr. Ethan Boyd, in Charleston. After losing the documents out at sea that prove her parentage, Grace struggles with adapting to a strange, new culture and the realization that nothing is as she imagined. Will her father accept her without proof of her identity? How will she deal with the foreman of his sugar plantation, the handsome, cocky Cameron Bartholomew? What mysteries lurk in the Great House, threatening her future, her dreams, and her very life? Unexpected events tear at her heart, but Grace discovers that the winds of change bring with them The Winds of Grace from God for those who belong to Him. A member of the High Desert Chapter of the California Writer's Club, Marilyn King is the photographer and historian for her hometown branch. She also serves as a board member of her church's women's ministry. When she is not writing, Marilyn enjoys weekly Bible studies, sewing, quilting, and gardening. Marilyn and her husband, Bob, are the parents of nine grown children and live in Apple Valley, California. Visit Marilyn at www.marilynking.net.

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