Tiffany, Tyrisha and Mezzie all have one thing in common: Men who don’t appreciate them.

Tiffany leaves her abusive baby father, Reshawn, to start a new life in Miami with their daughter. She soon finds out the drama she left in New York doesn't compare to what she’s about to meet in Miami. While trying to juggle a career, motherhood and her dating life, will Tiffany let this break or make her?

Mezzie thinks she has it all just being a side chick: money, house, and her meal ticket for the next eighteen years – her son. She soon realizes that being second doesn't compare to being number one; especially when it starts to cost her.

Tyrisha loves her man, Tone, but soon realizes Tone isn't faithful to her. She meets Moses and falls head over heels with him. But Tone won’t take Tyrisha leaving easily – especially since Moses is his business connect.

These three woman are all searching for their worth, but while searching they all end up into a web of deceit, drama, and betrayal. Will they ever get what they deserve?

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