Package Includes:
-1 x TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S5
Please Note:
-This case is designed for Samsung Galaxy S5 only. It does NOT fit any other smartphone. -Accessory only, phone is not included.

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About Us:
BAYKE is US brand producing a full line of 3C parts and accessories. We are dedicated to creating products that provide our Amazon customers satisfaction beyond expectations. Whatever profession, passion, or interests they pursue: Our customers deserve the best quality "carrying solution" that provides maximum protection. Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration. And The Bundle accessories will provide more convenient for shopping and save your time and money.
  • BAYKE brand new cases designed specifically for your phone.
  • The slim flexible yet strong TPU construction provides resistance against shocks, impacts, skids, and wear and tear
  • Its double-sided matte finish prevents fingerprints and smudging. The anti-slip properties give your smart phone more grip. The cover is also durable, comfortable to touch, and easy to install
  • For a tighter fit and better protection than other TPU cases, the case is equipped with an additional high-quality glossy polycarbonate bumper frame that tightly secures the case
  • Full ports access for camera lens/buttons/charging. No tool is required for installation

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