The Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 is a fashionable new sublimation product with state-of-the-art manufacture. This case can be printed by latest technique with customizable images on its back face and its curve side.
The Hi-Tech machine can help you to print whatever you want on the curve surfaces as easy as you would with an ordinary flat sublimation heat press.
100% Durable Plastic , protection againest Bumps ,scratches and chips.
Due to the latest printing technique and the special formula of polymer material, the print images are directly dye sublimated ¡®into¡¯the case body which dramatically improves its wear resistance compared to ordinary ones.
  • The Personalized picture is well designed by skilled designer.
  • Image is nicely printed on the back and both two side.
  • 100% durable Plastic , protection againest bumps ,scratches and chips.
  • Light and convenient , allows full access to all controls and ports.
  • Form-fitting design.

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