Update: Model changed to LED charge status indicator Micro USB Cable
About Product:
This Micro USB Cable enables you to know the status of your battery charge without having to pick up your device. The two built-in LED'S allow the color to change based on the battery status. When the cable is plugged into the wall or computer, it will light up blue, signaling that it is activated and ready to be used. Once plugged into the device, the LED will turn red, and charge your device to full capacity. Finally, once the charge is at full, it will return to the non-flashing blue color.
Product Features:
- Sync/charge Smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, mobile phones, PDA's, digital or cameras/camcorders, from your laptop, computer & more
- Smart LED Cable is a unique micro USB cable which indicates the charging status of your mobile device
- Tough, well-defined fins & durable connector mold

Compatible for:
- Motorola
- Sprint
- Nokia
- LG
- Hewlett-Packard
- Samsung
- Sony Ericsson


Every sale by TopG provides an 12-month worry-free guarantee to prove the importance we set on quality.

  • Rapid Sync - 3.3ft long
  • Cheerful colors LED status indicator on the Smart Cable glows red while charging and glows blue once the charge has been completed.
  • Solid Connection - Fits all smartphones and tablets tight and snug.
  • Works with any standard USB charging adapter or any computer USB port
  • High Quality Cable - Will not tear apart - SOLD AND SHIPPED FROM TopG ONLY

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