*ITEM DESCRIPTION : 1000 pcs of SILVER tone brass beads coins for belly dance multi use . *FROM THE NATURE SCHOOL OF BELLY DANCE !!! *Egyptian brass belly dance coins *Design your own belly dance costumes with this lovely brass coins. *Design your own belly dance hip scarf. *Design you own belly dance accessories. *Very well stamped brass coins on both sides with KING TUT . *With a top drilled hope for easy sewing on any fabric. *These coins create great noise and give great effect for dancing. *Very professional soft hand cut wont harm your cloths. *HANDCRAFTED IN EGYPT!!! *OUR ITEMS ARE 100% HANDMADE BY HIGHLY SKILLFUL CRAFTSMEN IN EGYPT!! *This is one gorgeous piece to add to your belly dance collection !! *A great find for the Egyptian treasure collector *This handmade STAMPED KING TUT COINS will look great with all your clothes and ALL your Belly Dance costumes ! *Condition: 100% NEW EGYPTIAN HANDMADE WITH *HIGH QUALITY *Quantity : 1000 pcs *Color : silver TONE *Weight (Approx.) : 320-350 GM FOR EACH 1000 PCS *Material: brass *Size (Approx.) : DIAMETER 0.7"-1.75 CM *SILVER Colored Brass and EGYPTIAN orignal hand made *Beautiful metal COINS *Amazing detail and craftsmanship. *Will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. *CREATE many noises while dancing .
  • Wholesale 1000 Belly Dance Hip Scarf Belt Beads Coins SILVER Brass King TUT

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