materials: Wax cord - Cotton Rope plated candle . Used to make handmade jewelry using a longer rope plated candle is going out to make the yarn soft Disadvantages: when water may be the smell . Glass beads - the beads are made of glass. Produced by hand Laemed Disadvantages: Size and shape are not equal . Brass - Brass metal disadvantages when used infrequently to be colored black . But can rinse again with clear water. The size of a woman 's ankle S: Ankle small - 9 inches. M: normal ankle - 9.5 inches. L: Ankle big - 10 inches. XL: ankle very large - 10.5 inches.
  • 1 pcs. of Anklet
  • Production methods : Put all beads , into waxcord then bundle by hand.
  • Gemstone,Brass

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