Auto-detecting function
Auto-detecting shows that when the light is on then its function is normal,when no light shows, then you have to change battery
Testing domestic appliances(press direct key)
It may test electric hair dryer,washing machine,electic cooking pot and all kind of appliances. See ligure,Testing 2 electrode, the light on means the circuit is good; if the light is still offf it means than the circuit is damaged.(By the same reason you may test other electronic element)
Testing circuits(Press direct key)
Testing the circuits arrangement,testing multiple inner lines of electrical apparatus,you may find the ends or broken point promptly under no power condition
Testing altrnating circuits (Press direct key)
The voltage step values is shown on the liquid crystal,the last step value is the losting voltage (the voltage showen in the figures is 220V)
Testing direct current power (press direct key)
Estimate battery power.Touch the battery positive end by hand and touch the negative end by the pen tip.The light on shows that the battery is no power.With dim light means the power is in deflciency.if the pen is dark,means that the power is good enough
Indirect testing high voltage(press press key)
It may test indirectly the voltage to as high as 1KV.Move the testing pen to the object,it the pen illuminates,means that there are high voltage.you may check to the high votalge brand of a car as shown in the figure
Distinguish zero phase line and find the broken point(press the inducdstion key)
Testing the parallel line separately, the line which shows the loaded sign is the phase line.if the loaded line has broken point, move the testing pen. the point at which the loaded sig losts is broken point
Dark vision function
In dark night the digital display can be shown clearly
Total length:16cm
  • Auto-detecting function
  • Testing domestic appliances
  • Testing circuits
  • Testing altrnating circuits
  • Testing direct current power

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